KoCA Inn

An urban experiment at the Kiosk of Contemporary Art in Weimar Germany. During two weeks, UrbanDÆ, a temporary research group based in Weimar and Salvador da Bahia, occupied the Kiosk of Contemporary Art. KoCA Inn was an evolving-living-experimental space, or a favela-like organism growing on 62 square meters of Weimar’s main intersection. Its improvised, precarious, recycled, never-finished structure was a device to informalize the sterile, secure and over-controlled usage of local public spaces.

This project ran according to an open platform that encouraged self-organization, cooperation and collective creativity.  Participants organized various activities, workshops, events and took advantage of the simple invitation to come by to share a cup of coffee or relax in one of the hammocks. As the public engaged with the place, KoCA Inn became: a mini hotel, a mobile kitchen, a showroom, a café, a dance hall, a black market of knowledge and skills, a library, a TV room, a gambling salon, and playground, a meeting point for unexpected encounters, a testing ground for ideas, a space for dialogue and exchange.

UrbanDÆ – Publication: Koca Inn, Revolver Publishing, Berlin 2010


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