Sound transmission Installation and Performance
A sound installation between a well populated street and an almost completely vacant street in Leipzig, Germany. Ambient sound taken from the busy street was played over loudspeakers on the abandoned street with a 24hr time delay. In the second part of this action, a notice was sent to the people of the popular street which explains “Something that belongs to you has been sent to the wrong address,”thus inviting the inhabitants to journey across town under the physical-precondition that they are looking for something that belongs to them. Those that chose to make the journey encountered a forgotten portion of their city activated with the sounds of their parallel human existence.
This sound-experiment asks, what can happen when an almost completely vacant street is “charged” with the sounds of people living in another neighborhood. This sound installation intends to re-establish a aural-sound-connection between these two disconnected places, and the people that inhabit them.
This installation ran 31.01.09- 13.02.09, with delivery performances daily.

Documentation Video made from the ambient sounds recorded for this project.

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